I only have one exit on my three passports, but they mean much more than this to me. With the first one, it was the first time I went abroad to Utrecht for exchange. This period that started with anxiety and fear turned into an experiment that I came to know myself.

With the second one, I hoped that I would go to the graduate school, but I could not go anywhere. 🙂 Nevertheless, during the two-year period it was valid, I found myself at my best and worst moments. As I saw it lying around, it reminded me of my goals and dreams.

I got the third one just last month. I feel excited even when I’m just holding it my hands. Thinking about this third passport makes me feel like as if all the winds of the past had been blown here to materialize this object. From this object, they will become the winds of the future and blow to England first, and then God knows where. As they do, the pages will be filled.

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